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Wednesday 1 March

6:00 PM Running Start: Music session by the artist of the year Mikko Gunu Karjalainen
Free entry! (Jazz Office Turku, addr. Linnankatu 11, Forum Kortteli)

Turku Jazz Festival’s artist of the year brings his favorite records to the Jazz Office to listen to. What can be found on Mikko Gunu Karjalainen’s record shelf? Whose compositions have impressed the trumpet player, and what kind of stories are associated with the records? Come and enjoy a hot cup and a dose of jazz music history!

Free entry! The listening experience is offered by Hifime.

Thursday 2.3.

7:00 PM Perillä (US/FI) (Bar Ö, Linnankatu 7)

9:00 PM Conservatory workshop & Nina Mya + Jam Session
Free entrance! (Rica Bar, Kristiinankatu 5)


7:00 PM Perillä

Joonatan Rautio – saxophones
Mikko Innanen – saxophones
Kaisa Mäensivu – bass
Joe Peri – drums

Grammy-awarded drummer Joe Peri’s band Perillä mixes intoxicating groove, interesting melodies and surprising rhythms with the power of four talented musicians. In the lineup founded in 2020, in addition to the comp duo Kaisa Mäensivu and Joe Peri, the wonderful saxophonists Joonatan Rautio and Mikko Innanen will play at the opening gig of the Turku Jazz Festival. The style of these top musicians creates an unexpected and complementary musical world. The quartet’s common desire is to create an experience where both the listener and artists feel that they are ”there” – in a place where only the music that plays matters.

Basic ticket €20
Senior citizens €18
Students €12


Advance tickets are sold at Tiketti. You can find the service points at In Turku, the sales point is located, for example, on the 3rd floor of Stockmann. Ticket sales on the day of the concert also at the door of Bar Ö from 6 p.m., if the concert is not sold out in advance.

9:00 PM Conservatory workshop & Nina Mya + Jam Session

Soulful singer-composer Nina Mya will open the secrets of jazz music to Turku Conservatory students during the festival week. On Thursday evening, we get to enjoy the fruits of Nina’s and the students’ work at a free concert at Rica Bar.

Jazz continues late into the evening with relaxed jams, when the festival’s performers, music students and the audience meet in whirlwinds of improvisation.

Free entry! K-18.

Friday 3 March


Friday pass includes all four concerts in Logomo.

6:00 PM Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand (EE)

7:30 PM Dave Holland Trio with Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland (UK/US)

9:00 PM Maja Mannila Trio

10:30 PM Valtteri Laurell Nonet feat. Antti Sarpila


6:00 PM Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand (EE) 

Kadri Voorand – vocals, electronics
Mihkel Mälgand – bass

Kadri Voorand, who was chosen as Estonian Public Radio’s Musician of the Year 2020, is an exceptionally charismatic singer, composer, pianist and improviser who makes music with powerful emotional storytelling. She uses catchy rhythms and improvisation while combining elements of pop, folk and jazz. Voorand’s original music and expression have brought her several recognitions in Estonia, such as the President’s Young Cultural Person award in 2019 and the awards for best female artist of the year and best jazz album in 2017.

At the Turku Jazz Festival, Voorand performs as a duo with his credit bassist Mihkel Mälgand. The award-winning Mälgand is one of Estonia’s most active bass players, and he has collaborated with several famous jazz artists, such as Kurt Elling, Nils Landgren and Dave Liebman. Voorand and Mälgand’s playing combines emotion and technique. The duo performs trendy grooves and heartbreaking power ballads complemented by bold lyrics.

”Kadri Voorand hits the heart of the listener.” – London Jazz News‍

7:30 PM Dave Holland Trio with Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland (UK/US)

Dave Holland – bass
Kevin Eubanks – guitar
Eric Harland – drums
British bassist-composer Dave Holland (b. 1946) is a true living jazz legend. In his more than 50-year career, the multiple Grammy winner has recorded numerous albums from solo records to big band projects and performed with the most famous stars in jazz history, such as Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Betty Carter, Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny.

Known as a virtuoso of both the double bass and the electric bass, Holland approaches all genres of music without prejudice. Jazz, funk, avantgarde and folk merge in Holland’s hands, creating new musical paths. Internationally respected Holland’s trademarks are especially an unfailing sense of rhythm and superior technique. Like many other bass players, he prefers to stay out of the limelight and enjoys making his bandmates sound good.

Holland continues to challenge himself and his fellow musicians in the new trio coming to Finland, where Kevin Eubanks plays guitar and Eric Harland plays drums.

9:00 PM Maja Mannila Trio

Maja Mannila – vocals, piano
Johannes Granroth – bass
Mikko Antila – drums

Rising star Maja Mannila is an impressive jazz/soul singer, pianist and composer aiming for an international career, known for e.g. Iiro Rantala from Flock and Peela bands. At the Turku Jazz Festival, Mannila’s own songs in English will be heard, where soul, R&B, jazz and gospel meet. Raised in a family of musicians, she has a firm grasp on music-making, but most importantly when it comes to creating and playing music, Mannila emphasizes freedom and fun, which can be heard as a captivating good-humouredness in the harmony of the Maja Mannila Trio, made up of young stars. The band was chosen to represent Finland at the 2023 Nordic Jazz Comets event.

In the future, Mannila aims for recording and international gigs both with a band and as a solo artist. She has been quoted by English drummer Richard Spaven and singer Anthony Strong, who have asked Mannila to perform with them. Maja Mannila’s debut album Up & Down was released in June 2022.

10:30 PM Valtteri Laurell Nonet feat. Antti Sarpila

“Tigers Are Better Looking” – music inspired by writings of Jean Rhys

Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen – compositions, electric guitar
Antti Sarpila – clarinet
Tero Saarti – trumpet, flugelhorn
Max Zenger – alto saxophone, flute
Jussi Kannaste – tenor saxophone
Heikki Tuhkanen – trombone
Ville Vannemaa – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Ville Herrala – double bass
Jaska Lukkarinen – drums

Valtteri Laurell Nonet performs modern, intimate jazz music that draws from the cool jazz and third-stream concepts of the early 1960s. Each of the top musicians in this all-star line-up also gets to play a soloist role, but the band’s spotlight is on the soulful expression of clarinetist Antti Sarpila, who carries the listeners timelessly across different jazz styles.

The theme of the composition are the short stories of the lesser-known British-Caribbean writer Jean Rhys and his only published novel Wide Sargasso Sea. The melancholic and life-flavored atmosphere of the writings has given the composer Valtteri Pöyhönen the perfect ground to write atmospheric, wistful, and yet occasionally bright jazz music. The band’s debut album Tigers Are Better Looking will be released in early 2023.


Saturday 4 March

2:00 PM Jazz & Wine Tasting with Mikko Gunu Karjalainen (The Tasting Room, addr. Aurakatu 1) – SOLD OUT!

Mikko Gunu Karjalainen – trumpet and flugelhorn
Johnny “Big Time” Åman – bass

What does a glass of jazz taste? What does good quality wine sound like? Turku Jazz Festival’s artist of the year 2023, charismatic trumpet player Mikko Gunu Karjalainen has prepared his own jazz music tasting menu for the festival Saturday, complemented by 5 wines and savory snacks selected by The Tasting Room sommelier Sofia Lindholm, matched to the mood of the compositions. During the experiential afternoon, stories about music and wine will also be heard. Mikko Gunu Karjalainen’s soulful trumpet playing is accompanied by Johnny Åman, one of Sweden’s most respected jazz bassists.

Table reservations:
Tickets €69 including 5 wines matched to the music performance and salty snacks. K-18.


LOGOMO Sat 4 March

Saturday ticket €42–€49 (includes all four concerts at Logomo) Buy tickets: 

6:00 PM Kadi Vija Key Project

7:30 PM Mikko Gunu Karjalainen with Seamus Blake & Landæus Trio (FI/US/SE)

9:00 PM Eero Koivistoinen Quartet

10:30 PM Turku Jazz Orchestra feat. Astrid Nicole: Beyoncé!


6:00 PM Kadi Vija Key Project

Kadi Vija – song
Max Zenger – bass clarinet
Tuomo Dahlblom – guitar
Tuomas Timonen – drums

Kadi Vija Key Project is an innovative and emotional band born around the phenomenal singer Kadi Vija. The exceptional instrumentation of the quartet, made up of the best of Finnish jazz, creates a soft, yet captivating and attention-grabbing sound, which is seamlessly supported by Vija’s unique sound art. Known for their hypnotic live performances, the band has released two acclaimed albums through the Turku-based label Flame Jazz Records.

As a composer, Vija has managed to create her own unique style by persistently following her own instincts. She aims to give everything a second chance, which at first seems strange and maybe even wrong. (?? vaikeahko lause käännettäväksi) The songs that take you on a rollercoaster of emotions explore vulnerability and focus on details.

”One of Finland’s most interesting and best voices” – Klaus Wing, DJ


7:30 PM Mikko Gunu Karjalainen with Seamus Blake & Landæus Trio (FI/US/SE)

Seamus Blake – saxophone
Mikko Gunu Karjalainen – trumpet
Mathias Landæus – piano
Johnny Åman – bass
Cornelia Nilsson – drums

Turku Jazz Festival’s artist of the year 2023 Mikko Gunu Karjalainen has invited New Yorker saxophonist Seamus Blake and Swedish pianist Mathias Landæus as guests of the trio on Saturday’s festival stage. The quintet performs the music of Karjalainen and Landæus, where the main parts include strong melodic expression and sensitive communication between the musicians.

Seamus Blake is at home in intimate jazz clubs as well as in the world’s biggest arenas. Blake’s breakthrough came when guitarist legend John Scofield asked the tenor saxophonist to join his Quiet Now band. Since then, Blake has released 16 albums of his own and actively performs around the world as a band leader and line musician.

Swedish pianist Mathias Landæus is known for his lyrical and surprising playing as well as his very prolific career as a composer. The dynamic Landæus Trio includes Tivoli Jazz Prize-awarded drummer Cornelia Nilsson and, among others, Bassist Johnny Åman, known from Jerry Bergonzi’s band.


7:30 PM Eero Koivistoinen Quartet

Eero Koivistoinen – saxophone
Alexi Tuomarila – piano
Jori Huhtala – bass
Jussi Lehtonen – drums

The joint playing of the Eero Koivistoinen Quartet, founded in 2012, has become seamless over the course of 10 years. The swing of the musicians, who are known from many top ensembles, is airy, tight and snappy. The groove of the duo Jori Huhtala and Jussi Lehtonen leads (??) wonderfully, and pianist Alexi Tuomarila gets to shine. Above everything, the saxophone of Maestro Eero Koivistoinen, the most legendary musician in Finnish jazz, flutters sovereignly. The quartet has released three albums: Hati Hati (2012), Illusion (2017) and Diversity (2022). The Turku Jazz Festival’s concert mainly features songs from the latest album, which has received a great reception.


10:30 PM Turku Jazz Orchestra feat. Astrid Nicole: Beyoncé!

Turku Jazz Orchestra
Astrid Nicole – vocals
Ville Vannemaa – conductor, arrangements

On the Saturday evening of the Turku Jazz Festival, a flamingly hot concert will be heard, when the Turku Jazz Orchestra takes on the music of R&B megastar Beyoncé, with the bright singer Astrid Nicole as the soloist. The orchestra’s artistic director, conductor Ville Vannemaa writes the arrangements of the songs for the big band just for the festival concert.

“Beyoncé’s music is strongly based on the extensive history of black rhythm music, and I have long dreamed of arranging her songs for a big band. Astrid Nicole was an obvious choice for me to step into Beyoncé’s shoes”, says Vannemaa.

Convinced in many television singing competitions with her wonderful voice and stage charisma, Astrid Nicole creates her way to the top of pop music. Her supple voice sounds sovereign both in the soulful interpretation of Soul and in electronic dance music, and the Panamanian-born singer-songwriter is at her best in the Latin pop genre.


Sunday 5 March

12:00 Tiirikkala Jazz Brunch: Joonatan Henriksson Quintet – SOLD OUT!

Joonatan Henriksson – clarinet and piano
Eero Dunkel – guitar
Pessi Pohjola – piano
Otso Huhtala – bass
Veikka Kajamies – drums

The future and tradition meet at the jazz brunch on the closing day of the Turku Jazz Festival, when a quintet of top-talented young jazz musicians turn their eyes to 60s New York, the golden age of hardbop. The concert includes Blue Note classics as well as Joonatan Henriksson Quintet’s own innovatively stylish compositions drawing from the style of the time, which will make the brunch taste – if possible – even better.

Clarinetist-pianist Joonatan Henriksson’s energetic, swinging band assembled by the youth line of the Sibelius Academy features hot names of the Helsinki jazz scene: guitarist Eero Dunkel, pianist Pessi Pohjola and bassist Otso Huhtala, as well as Turku audience’s own favorite, drummer Veikka Kajamies. The gig starts at 1 p.m.

JAZZ BRUNCH: meat or vegetable menu – SOLD OUT!

Prawn scallops (M, G) OR eggplant tartare (Veg, G)
Rainbow trout ceviche and mango (M, G) OR homemade “mase balls” and mushroom mayonnaise (Veg, G)
Potato salad and Dijon cream (L, G)
BBQ pork loin (M) OR vegetable sausage (Veg, G)
Marinated fennel and carrot (Veg, G)
Spinach and feta cheese pies (VL, G)
Manchego and cherry compote (L, G)
Fresh bread and croissants, as well as fresh spreads, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
Desserts from the restaurant’s own bakery with coffee and tea.
Food allergies and special diets notified in advance will be taken into account.

Tickets €35 including a brunch plate. Table reservations from Tiirikkala: / tel. 020 7417 337. SOLD OUT!


Turku Jazz Festival is organized 2–5 March 2023 at concert venues and restaurants around Turku city center. More information about arriving in Logomo here.


The evening concerts in Logomo are held at Teatro. Entrance is on the railway side of the building.

By car

Logomo has parking areas on the northern and eastern sides of the building. Try to choose your parking area based on your final destination. There may be parking coordinators assisting during events. You can drive to Logomo from Köydenpunojankatu or Vaunukatu. Please note that parking is limited in the area. P7 parking area has charging stations for electric cars. We recommend using public transport, bikes or arriving by foot. Those arriving by car are advised to arrive early to secure a parking spot. Parking at the Logomo car park costs €1,5/hour.

Parking is also available in the Turku city center area or in the P-Louhi and Q-Park parking garages. The garages are within walking distance from Logomo, but you can also opt to take a buse to Logomo.

Disabled parking is free in the Logomo car park, providing you have the permit visible on the dashboard. Disabled parking spaces are near the LOGI Hall entrance and close to Logomo Kitchen.

Local bus 

Please notice that the bus drivers’ strike might affect the local bus schedules. More info from Föli`s website.

Logomo is easily reachable from Turku city center by using local buses. You get straight to Logomo (Köydenpunojankatu) with local bus lines 20 and 61.

By bike

Bicycle parking areas are located on both sides of the railway track close to Logomo. Parking is free.


Logomo has a taxi stand that is next to the building (in front of Teatro). A taxi can be ordered from the number 02 100 41.

Long distance bus

Turku bus station is located a 12-minute walk away from Logomo. Use the pedestrian bridge crossing the railroads for easy access to the venue.

By train

Turku main railway station is located a 10-minute walk away from Logomo. Use the pedestrian bridge crossing the railroads for easy access to the venue.

Note: due to track work, the railway line is shut off between Turku and Kupittaa, and trains to Helsinki arrive and depart from the Kupittaa station instead of Turku. More info here.

Traffic between Turku and Tampere is running normally.


The venue at Logomo is fully accessible with a wheelchair.

The disabled person’s ticket is normal priced, but the assistant’s ticket is free except for the service fee (€1,50). An assistant ticket can be purchased here.

Logomo provides a portable loop system for those who are hard of hearing. The device can be borrowed from the cloakroom. The system consists of portable receivers, which fit in a pocket, and a loop that is set around the user’s neck. The loop system works the same way as a built-in hearing aid and, therefore, your personal hearing aid must be switched to the ´T´ position (telecoil) when using the loop.

All toilet facilities in Logomo are equipped with separate accessible toilets. You can find the toilets by following WC signs. The disabled parking spots are located near the LOGI Hall entrance and at one end of Logomo Kitchen.

More info about accessibility in Logomo here.


Contact information

Turku Jazz Festival

Postal address:
Jazz City Turku ry
Forum Kortteli, Linnankatu 11
FI-20100 Turku

Bookings and info:
Jussi Fredriksson, artistic director
Sanna Vartiainen, producer

Facebook: Turku Jazz Festival

Concert venues:

Junakatu 9, Turku

Bar Ö
Linnankatu 7, Turku
tel. +358 40 0230332

Linnankatu 3, Turku